Many Roseville homeowners view replacement windows as an extra expense that isn’t necessary until a glass shatters or a frame breaks. While we understand the effort to save money, what many homeowners don’t realize is what is at stake when window replacements are put off until the last minute. Not only are window replacements essential to the comfort of your home, but when they don’t occur it’s only a matter of time before serious issues arise. Here we will be discussing why window replacements are so important, and what is at risk when these replacements are prolonged.

Your Family’s Security is Put in Risk

When it comes to looking at windows and doors, security is a top priority. This is because windows are one of the easiest access points for outside dangers to enter your home. If you windows feature outdated lock systems or damage that makes them vulnerable to break ins, it will be difficult to rest easy that your family is secure. By switching to a durable frame, with a thick double or triple pane glass, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of a break in occurring.

You Will Be Paying Extra on Energy Bills

Older windows, particularly those prone to holding moisture in the frame, have the tendency of warping and rotting over time. This exterior weather damage eventually leads to drafts, small holes within the frames that sends your heating and air conditioning straight out the window…literally. The final result is an expensive utility bill that comes from using more heating and air conditioning than is actually needed.

You May Keep Losing Sleep

The sound of construction or people shouting keeping you awake throughout the night? Chances are your windows are to blame. Older windows typically come with single paned glass, which does a poor job of insulating your home and blocking out excess noise. If you are hoping to restore peace to your home, and finally get a decent night’s sleep, you’ll need to replace your current windows with ones that come with thicker double or triple pane glass.

Your Home Can Become Infested with Bugs

Remember those warped, rotting window frames we discussed earlier on? Well not only do they effect the energy efficiency of your home, but they are also a favorite dwelling place for a number of insects. If you enjoy keeping your home bug-free, we suggest getting rid of their natural breeding grounds!

Danger, extra expenses, loss of sleep and bugs. With all things considered, it may not be worth the risk of the negative outcomes to hold out on having to replace your windows. Remember, not all Roseville, CA window replacement projects have to be outrageously expensive, by working with one of our window experts you’ll be able to find the perfect window replacements for both your home needs and your budget. To speak with a window expert today give us a call at 916-660-1469 or visit our showroom located at 11297 White Rock Road, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742.