There are so many ways to improve the comfort and quality of your Roseville home, and replacement windows are just one part of the equation. If you have been looking at different ways to improve the condition or value of your Roseville home, you may not have considered that replacing the windows could be a significant part of that improvement.

Below are five ways replacement windows can actually transform your home, making them more comfortable for you and your family, and even increasing its value if you plan to sell in the near future.

  1. Comfort.

Comfort is one of the most important factors that homeowners point to when they look at improving the condition of the home. When you get up in the morning and head off to work, perhaps cruising in your car for 30 minutes or more or being stuck in traffic, spending 8, 9, or even 10 hours at work and then returning to that same rush-hour traffic, the only thing that you want is to be able to relax.

If your home is not comfortable, then it’s harder to relax properly. While windows are generally an afterthought, they actually have the greatest impact on the overall comfort within your home.

If your windows are old, dingy, and dirty, you will have a tendency to keep them closed. You will also be more likely to keep the window coverings over them. This includes drapes, blinds, or even shades. When you do this, you are keeping out the daylight. This will make your entire home feel darker and drearier.

When you have replacement windows installed in your home, you are going to be more likely to want to keep the window coverings open and allow that wonderful sunlight to enter into your home. You’ll also be more likely to open the windows as they will generally be easier to open and keep clean. This will have a direct impact on your overall comfort at home.

  1. Design.

Design begins by having the right amount of light in each room. With replacement windows, you will likely keep your windows more exposed, allowing more daylight into your home. This will impact how you lay out the furniture in your home as well.

Professional interior designers always focus on the space and natural light that comes into the home. Any natural light that your rooms can have access to is always better than artificial light, such as ceiling lights.

The same interior designers will also prefer new windows because, like a fresh coat of paint on the walls, they will offer a wonderful blank canvas upon which to begin designing the decor for the entire room.

  1. Value.

Replacement windows can actually increase the value of your Roseville home. While most homeowners tend to focus on remodeling the kitchen or improving the curb appeal in order to increase the value, attract more potential buyers, and even obtain more offers, brand-new windows can have the same impact as a renovated kitchen or completely redone exterior of the home.

When people are shopping for a home, they look at a few things, rather than specifics within the home. In other words, they are not going to be looking at the furniture that exists, unless the furniture is being included in the sale of the home. Instead, they are going to be looking at the condition of the floors, the condition of the kitchen and bathrooms, and the condition of the windows.

Installing replacement windows if you are planning to sell your home in the next couple of years can actually help to increase the value and asking price for the home. It will also make the home or appealing to potential buyers, which will usually give you more offers, which will tend to have a positive impact on the sale price.

  1. Efficiency.

Today’s replacement windows are significantly more energy efficient than windows from two or three decades ago. While the average life expectancy of windows is between 15 and 20 years, windows that are that old will not be very effective at keeping the cold air out during the winter or the cool air in during the summer.

With energy efficient replacement windows, you will be able to save money on your heating and cooling bills every month throughout the year. The savings will begin to add up every year that you have your new, replacement windows.

There are various levels of energy efficiency that you can choose from. You can choose to boost the energy efficiency in your home by 10% to 20% with basic level windows, or you can increase efficiency up to 90% with higher quality windows.

  1. Maintenance.

One of the major complaints that people had in years past when it came to their windows was cleaning them. If you have a two-story home, cleaning the outside of the windows on the second floor could become a major project.

If you have to take the ladder out, climb that ladder, find a way to balance on uneven ground, and take risks just to clean the outside of the glass, you are more likely to do that once a year at best.

New replacement windows have features that allow you to open them from the inside so that you can clean the outside glass without leaving your house. This inspires homeowners to maintain the cleanliness of their windows more than ever before.

The more that you clean and maintain your replacement windows, the longer they are going to last. Also, when you have clean, shiny windows, you will enjoy keeping the window coverings open much more.

If these five reasons why replacement windows can completely transform your Roseville home are not enough, visit Hall’s Window Center in Rancho Cordova, CA today to see what modern windows are all about. You will most likely be amazed at the options available to you and your home. Call 916-669-1469 to schedule a free in-home estimate today.