The truth behind Marvin Windows

More than 50,000 homeowners in the Central Valley have trusted our products and workmanship since we’ve been in business, which has earned Hall’s Window Center a 97 percent satisfaction rating.   We couldn’t be prouder. But we also recognize that it takes a good partnership to deliver this kind of reliable [...]

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The scoop on Andersen Windows

Did you know there are more than 100 replacement window manufacturers trying to get your attention?   If you’ve dipped your toe in the replacement window buying process, this isn’t news to you. Shopping and comparing and pricing is a Herculean task. So because we’re the good guys, Hall’s team did [...]

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Outside the showroom: Hall’s in the wild

It’s a daily question for our staff: where can we find you? The immediate answer, of course, is that Hall’s Window Center is located at 11297 White Rock Road in Rancho Cordova, and our showroom hours are Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.   But there’s a second answer as well: all over [...]

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Anatomy of a window

We know you have a secret.   Window shopping comes with its own language, and it’s not necessarily your native tongue. So allow our crew at Hall’s Window Center to provide this quick translation:  Frame: the system between the glass and the wall that provides structure for the panes.  Cladding: exterior protection for the wood or [...]

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Always safe, not sorry

Eyes may be windows to the soul, but that doesn’t mean that windows should be an invitation for the world to access your house and take your stuff. Nor should it be a conduit for accidents or a weapon for Mother Nature’s wrath.    The good news is that’s not an isolated opinion [...]

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4 Options to Cool Down The Natural Way

Pat Martin was not happy that evening he came home from a day at the KRXQ office. The house was unusually cool—and in the summer, when high energy draws mean high flying energy bills. “Who left the air-conditioning on?” is not a good note to end your day on, even [...]

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