How New Windows Affect Your Overall Aesthetic

New windows aren’t just a matter of improving your home’s energy efficiency (though, hey, that can certainly help, too). Those windows can also make an incredible difference to the look and feel of your home, sometimes described as its overall aesthetic. If you are looking into window replacement in or near [...]

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How Long Should You Wait to Replace Your Home’s Windows?

The lifespan of your windows depends on a number of factors, including what they are made of. But it is never too soon to at least begin asking the right questions. One of those questions is indeed how soon you should seriously think about replacing those windows. If you are looking into window replacement [...]

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Are Fiberglass Windows Really Worth the Cost?

Making decisions about new windows isn’t always easy, particularly when you have questions about the kinds of materials you should use. It isn’t only about the glass. The frames matter, too. If you are looking into window replacement in or near Davis, CA, rest assured there are a variety of solutions when it [...]

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Getting More Creative With Your Home’s Windows

Not sure if it is time to replace your windows? Perhaps they aren’t that old. Perhaps there is nothing obviously wrong with them. That doesn’t mean you should stand pat with the windows you currently have. If you are looking into window replacement in or near Cameron Park, CA, rest assured there [...]

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