Yes, You Can Enjoy Designer Windows

You chose the woodgrain for your cabinets and the color of your appliances. You’ve painted your walls, selected the furniture and artwork, and carefully studied flooring options. You and the architect may have even designed a curved staircase and added a mudroom to the original plans. So why would you [...]

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What to Expect During New Window Installation

Most homeowners understand remodeling projects—and dread them for the interruption to their lives. And because window replacement in Sacramento isn’t a process most families schedule as often as they would, say, change carpets or replace major appliances or restore gutters, the installation is often a mystery. But the surprise is [...]

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Veterans Affairs Redding Hospital Opens

The California Department of Veterans Affairs held a Grand Opening Event and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new Veterans Home in Redding on Friday October 25th, 2013. This event which was highly anticipated by the veterans and community leaders in Northern California featured select guest speakers, dignitaries, entertainment, and special [...]

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Hall’s Revitalizes Hale Building

Located in the heart of historic downtown Sacramento, the Hale Building has been a landmark since the 1850′s. Our experts at Hall's Window Center proudly helped to revitalize this local treasure by replacing 160 windows. And true to Hall’s reputation and experience, our team maintained the historical and architectural integrity [...]

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