When it comes to replacement windows there is no shortage of options here in Sacramento. Still, there is one replacement window material that takes the lead in the bay area and throughout the country. Fiberglass windows are a favorite Sacramento, CA window replacement material, and for good reason. When compared to any other replacement window material on the market, fiberglass windows simply offer more benefits to homeowners. To help you see what we mean we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite features and advantages that come when you choose fiberglass windows for your next replacement window project.   

Fiberglass Windows Are Stunning 

First thing first, we have to acknowledge that fiberglass windows are the most stunning replacement windows on the market. They have the classical warmth and beauty of traditional wooden windows with just an extra touch of elegance. Manufacturers have even started to add knots and imperfections to add to their authenticity.  

Fiberglass Windows are Low Maintenance 

If you’ve had to deal with peeling, sanding, painting and staining in the past, there is no doubt that you want replacement windows that are low maintenance. Fortunately, fiberglass windows are just that. In fact, the only upkeep you’ll have to worry about is occasionally cleaning them with soap and water.  

Fiberglass Windows are Energy Efficient 

One of the most common goals of homeowners shopping for replacement windows is to find a material that helps them save money on their monthly bills. Fortunately, fiberglass windows come equipped with features like double and triple paned glass, expanding material, and strong, weather resistant frames that help homeowners save hundreds on annual energy bills.   

Fiberglass Windows are Long Lasting 

While buying replacement windows can be  fun opportunity to update the look and feel of your home, financially it’s something you probably want to put off for as long as possible. By choosing fiberglass windows you are going with the longest lasting material on the market with lifespans up to 8x’s longer than vinyl windows.   

Fiberglass Windows Enhance Security 

The most important thing about any home improvement project, especially replacement windows, is that your family and belongings remain safe and protected. Fiberglass windows double and triple paned glass, strong weather resistance, and extended life span means a break in is less likely to occur and your home won’t be left vulnerable to outside threats. Add in the fact that fiberglass windows are compatible with almost any added security hardware and you can rest easy knowing the ones you love are being protected.   ]

Sacramento, CA window replacement 

Ready to make fiberglass windows your choice in replacement window in Sacramento, CA? It’s important to remember that not all fiberglass windows are created equally, and in order to get the most for your money you’ll want to choose a high quality replacement window model. At Hall’s Window Center we have hand picked every window model on our showroom floor to only offer you the very best in replacement windows. To see what we mean just give us a call at 916-669- 1469 to make an appointment with one of our window experts or stop by and see us at 11297 White Rock Road, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742.