You chose the woodgrain for your cabinets and the color of your appliances. You’ve painted your walls, selected the furniture and artwork, and carefully studied flooring options. You and the architect may have even designed a curved staircase and added a mudroom to the original plans.

So why would you accept standard windows?

At Hall’s Window Center, we love breaking the news to homeowners that this is yet another area you can customize to your unique house.

And we’re not just talking paint colors. We mean the shape and even the function of your windows. For instance, if you’re into miniature gardening, your window can function as a window box, a mini hothouse, if you will. If a bay window seat, perfect for a lazy afternoon with a book, fuels your imagination, we can put a lot of light on that situation. We can add cladding, dividers for unique light patterns, and switch out the hardware to reflect any mood you want to create. Heck, even how they open is … well, open to debate.

The process is as easy as playing with Lego blocks but twice as much fun. Our team at Hall’s Window Center is happy to walk you through a variety of rectangles, squares, half circles, circles and even arches in various sizes for mix and match entertainment. And don’t forget the outside – you may not know what an ogee lug is at this moment, but once you see the subtle chalet effect this corner decoration can bring to the checkrail, you could just fall in love.

As you can see, the challenge isn’t finding options you like – it’s how to select your final configuration!

So give some thought to these questions to keep your design time stress free:

  1. Is there an architectural theme you want to match?
  2. Do you want to reflect the home’s history?
  3. Will your windows be works of art, contributing color and design, or will their function be to complement other interior design elements?
  4. Do you lean more toward classical architecture, funky shapes, sleek styles, country worn or something else altogether?
  5. Does anyone in your home live with physical challenges?
  6. Will you use your windows often for cross-ventilation?
  7. Do you plan to hang drapes or leave the windows uncovered?

Together, we’ll create a window that will delight you for years to come! Contact Hall’s Window Center today to discuss your Sacramento window design options.