If it takes a larger caffeine injection than it used to just to get your mornings going, we’ve got good news on this bright, sunny day.

The way to wake up more easily: sleep better the night before.

Physicians have told us for years that a lack of sleep (defined as less than seven hours) negatively impacts memory issues, thinking and concentrating, immunity, blood pressure, balance, heart health, sex drive, weight. If that weren’t enough, it also puts you at risk for diabetes and causes mood swings.

And the doc can stuff his advice when your neighbor’s dog barks all night or the teens next door decide 3 a.m. is a great time to go swimming. Even an owl hoot can disrupt your shut-eye on any given night, and heaven knows there’s always that guy who has to fire up his lawnmower at 6 a.m.

This is where Hall’s Window Center comes in. Because we understand the science of noise cancellation windows and can help you find the STC—that’s sound transmission class—rating for your circumstances. For instance, a single pane window has a typical STC rating of 21 to 22 decibels. Current dual pane systems raise that factor to 27-29 decibels.

And then we really get serious.

STC offset glass weighs in at 33 decibels, laminate is 35, and some specialty lines, built specifically for noisy conditions, rate 40 to 46 decibels. That’s the level where you sleep as if you are wearing noise cancellation headgears, except windows let you roll over onto your side, they won’t fall off, and they look far better on you. Their manufacturer guarantees last decades longer as well.

But how do you quantify this silent future? Take a tip from Bob Vila’s site: A noise reduction of 10 decibels represents cutting the noise level in half. So a rating of 25 (which is 2.5 times greater than 10) means that the product reduces the outside noise by approximately 25 decibels, cutting the noise in half 2.5 times, or cutting it by more than 80 percent.

Now that’s a good night.

Psst, it’s not just the glass that’s doing all the work, either. A tighter seal, fresh weatherstripping and solid locks all contribute to keeping sound on the outside of your home. And you’ll still enjoy all of the energy and thermal benefits as well.

We speak the newer outdoor-indoor transmission class (OITC) rating system for windows as well, so drop by Hall’s Window Center and we’ll be happy to walk (and talk!) you through your best window replacement options in Sacramento. Oh, and we have a pot of coffee brewing.