We fully understand why you put off shopping for windows and doors. If this was an easy purchase, it wouldn’t be open to rip-offs and pushy salespeople. If our industry didn’t have its share of scoundrels, the state of Oregon wouldn’t have had to crack down on deceptive sales practices at the beginning of the decade.

Hall’s Window Center knows what you’re up against because the details are on display in court documents and a quick Google search:

  • Telling potential customers they are offering a “free energy audit” or inspection, when the visit is really a sales call.
  • Inflated prices to hoodwink customers into thinking they were getting a deal.
  • Unsubstantiated claims about energy savings.
  • Failure to tell customers of their cancellation rights.
  • Exaggerating the health risks associated with mold.
  • Claiming windows have titanium metal-reinforced frames when they are really aluminum.
  • Justifying a 300 percent markup on replacement windows by citing a survey on what real estate agents estimated it should cost.

Misleading customers is unethical and unsustainable. And since Hall’s Window Center has been in business in Rancho Cordova for 40 years, we’ve not only earned the right to show our face in this town, but we’ve also mastered the art of not bugging you.

Because, let’s face it, you walk into our showroom to eyeball the possibilities, dream a little and ask questions to see which options fall into which category. You didn’t get up this morning looking to adopt a salesperson to dog your every step. Nor do you particularly want to take a quiz at the exit, with a goal of passing to become a window expert yourself. And heaven knows your presence doesn’t mean you are inviting the Gestapo to strong-arm you into buying a product that isn’t what you can afford or even want.

So we train our sales staff in knowing the difference between high pressure and being your 4-1-1. We value smiles over slick comebacks and conversation above come-ons. And we certainly think hoodwinking should be an arrestable offense.

But we do offer our customers a voluntary feedback form to offer criticism and advice on their experience. Marketing gurus know that you can expect, on average, a 10 to 15 percent return. Hall’s Window Center receives 63 percent of our satisfaction surveys—and we post the reviews unaltered on our website.

And our owners have posted their private cell phone numbers on the website, so you have your own personal Batphone during the process. No matter what we’re doing on our end when that phone rings, you become the instant priority.

Take us up on our offer and stop by Hall’s Window Service in Rancho Cordova today to see what transparency should look like. Our satisfied customers can attest that we are the most trusted and reliable window replacement company in Sacramento.