When shopping for new windows for your Sacramento home, you likely have a number of features that you’re looking to check off your list. You want your windows to be stylish, long lasting, and of course, energy efficient. More and more homeowners are making energy efficient windows a top priority for their window project and with rising energy costs, it’s easy to see why. In fact, according to the American Energy Association (AEA) roughly 60% of the energy that is wasted in the average American household is released through the windows and doors. That’s a large percentage of your bill when you stop and think about it. The primary factor in whether or not your windows are saving you money or costing you more is the material you choose. That’s why at Hall’s Window Center, we strongly recommend fiberglass composite windows to all of our clients. Here are just some of the ways that fiberglass composite windows help your home stay cozy and affordable all year long:

Fiberglass Composite Windows Come with Double and Triple Pane Glass
Often overlooked, one of the most important features of an energy efficient window is its glass density. If a window features thin, single pane glass, you can bet that your heating or cooling efforts will escape right through it. This also means that outside hot and cold air makes its way into your home much more easily. By choosing a material like fiberglass composite windows that come standard with double or triple pane glass, you can keep your heating and cooling efforts inside where they belong.

Fiberglass Composite Windows Expand (but Not Too Much)
Fiberglass composite windows aren’t the only window material that utilizes smart expansion technology to enhance insulation. Vinyl windows also fit the frame tightly by expanding. Unfortunately, vinyl windows grow faster than their glass and that can lead to damage, which drastically reduces energy efficiency. Fiberglass composite windows, however, expand in the same manner as their glass to enhance insulation efforts while avoiding long-term problems.

Fiberglass Composite Windows are Weather Resistant

Harsh weather can be the downfall of a window if you don’t choose the right kind. For example, wood windows tend to absorb excess moisture during particularly wet seasons, leading to rotting and distorting that quickly develops into drafts and gaps. Once these drafts form, you can say goodbye to your efficiency. Fortunately, fiberglass windows are made from a durable, weather resistant material that won’t absorb any excess moisture.

Ready to start saving hundreds on your annual energy bills? Stop by Hall’s Window Center to start shopping for your new fiberglass composite windows in Sacramento, CA. Only the highest quality of fiberglass composite windows will provide you with enhanced energy efficient features, which is why we bring only the best on the market to our valued customers. To start shopping for your fiberglass windows, call at 916-669-1469 or come and see us at 11297 White Rock Road, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742.