Patios this decade have grown up into beautiful living spaces in their own right, adding resale value to homes across the state.

But as homeowners draw up plans and compare prices on fire pits, outdoor ovens and covered seating, they often leave out an important ingredient in the picture: Just how will you access this outdoor paradise?

Of course there will be a door (few humans have mastered the art of walking through walls) whether you are remodeling a patio, a veranda or a simple porch, but your choice of style and materials will make a big impact on how you use that space. This option is more than just another entryway —it’s a functional work of art.

The material list is similar to window frames, and with the same benefits:

  • Fiberglass – They may look like wood but they can withstand extreme changes in weather and moisture.
  • Wood – If your home boasts a traditional feel, you should consider the rich appeal of real wood.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum patio doors offer a strong but lightweight choice at budget-friendly pricing.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl doesn’t fade, flake, peel or rot. Homeowners with patios facing the direct sun appreciate this option.
  • Mix –It is possible to have fiberglass, aluminum or vinyl on the outside and wood on the inside, too.

The real fun comes in choosing the style, which is where you bring both the interior and exterior of your home to life. Check out these advantages:

  • Swinging patio doors: Swinging (aka hinged) doors include the popular French doors, perfect for homeowners who want to treat the entryway as a picture frame for the landscape. It provides a definitive break that blends, say, a traditional interior with a more contemporary patio. Homeowners also applaud a swinging door over a traditional hinge because its larger width and flexibility can handle the traffic as children, pets and hostesses carrying trays of food cross the threshold multiple times a day. This is an excellent option for families who hold big gatherings at their home.
  • Bi-fold patio doors: A bi-fold door offers the modern, low-maintenance, energy-efficient and space-saving option to the table. This accordion style can be customized in multiple configurations using two to eight panels that neatly slide and fold away for full access. This option best matches modern patio features, say the design experts at HGTV.
  • Sliding glass patio doors: This is the option you thought you were stuck with, right? It’s true they’re widely popular, but homeowners choose sliding glass because they require less peripheral space than swinging patio doors and still offer an unobstructed view. In fact, they seamlessly marry indoors with the outdoors in all seasons. They bring the most natural light of all your door options, thanks to the fact they can function as a wall if you choose, and are easy to maintain in the process. It’s hard to beat lower utility bills and the natural mood boosting effect of sunlight at the same time.

Sliding glass doors in Sacramento are a great match for contemporary homes, says HGTV, and they create no obstacles at all to furniture placement, inside or out.

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