When it comes to windows and their frames, your mileage may vary. Many swear by fiberglass windows and for good cause. If you have questions about fiberglass or other frames and are looking into window replacement in Elk Grove, CA, it may be time to get a better sense of your options. Once you have reviewed options that include fiberglass, vinyl, wood and aluminum, it may be much easier to settle on a final decision and feel good about that decision. There is no reason to rush it, not when you are making an investment that should last for decades.  

Thanks to the tiny glass fibers that give fiberglass its name, these window frames are extremely strong—more so than their less expensive vinyl cousins. But you may be thinking to yourself that you’re reluctant to pay more money for window frames that happen to be stronger. Is it really worth it? To some extent, yes. That strength means that fiberglass windows can accommodate more glass. More importantly, they are less likely to warp over the course of time, meaning that it is highly unlikely you will ever have to worry about replacing fiberglass windows once they are installed. Similarly, fiberglass windows are especially resistant to changes in temperature. That means they are less likely than vinyl to expand or contract, a testament to their durability and the every extent to which they are particularly friendly to your energy bill.   

Whereas vinyl windows will enjoy a lifespan of around 30 years, fiberglass windows can last even longer—sometimes in excess of 50 years. If you are a young homeowner and never want to worry about your windows again, fiberglass may be the way to go. If you are thinking about selling your home and looking to impress potential buyers, fiberglass may make sense in that context, as well. Using fiberglass sends a message. You are willing to spend a bit more in order to use what is arguably the most effective material on the market. That might be worth the added investment.  

Fiberglass windows certainly require less upkeep than wood. And for those who are worried about their aesthetic options, you can paint fiberglass, as well. That is not the case with vinyl windows, which generally come in a range of available colors.  

Not sold just yet? That is perfectly fine. In fact, you may wish to speak with a specialist who can walk you through your options and explain exactly what you will be paying for. Given that new windows can save you time and money and may be essential to broader renovation projects, having these kinds of conversations is probably worthwhile.  

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