There’s never been a better time to shop for replacement windows in Sacramento, CA. There are so many choices currently on the market, practically guaranteeing that there is an ideal replacement window model for any home style. However, this doesn’t mean that all replacement windows are equal when it comes to style or efficiency and you’ll want to be sure you purchase replacement windows you’ll love for years to come. To help ensure you take home the right replacement windows for your home, we’ve put together a short list of key factors to look for while shopping for your replacement windows.

Look for Double or Triple Pane Glass
The density of a windows’ glass is often an afterthought for many homeowners, but it’s one of the most important things that goes into quality replacement windows. Thick, double or triple pane glass can enhance the security, energy efficiency, and even the noise control within your home, bringing you valuable peace and comfort that you won’t find with thin, single pane glass. Fortunately, double and triple pane glass comes standard on replacement window materials like fiberglass and vinyl.

Look for Expanding Material
Another energy efficient feature that can help make your home greener is a replacement window that features expanding materials. This expansion helps create a snug fit within the frame, preventing the formation of gaps and drafts. However, it’s very important to consider the rate such windows expand. For example, vinyl windows tend to expand at a rate 4x’s faster than their glass, which can result in long-term problems including decreased energy efficiency. Quality replacement window materials, like fiberglass, expand at the same rate as the glass, enhancing insulating qualities without risking any damage.

Look for High Style (with Low Maintenance)
If you’re like the majority of homeowners, you want replacement windows that look great, but does that mean you have to take on the extra task of maintenance and upkeep to get them? Not at all! While real wood windows typically require annual peeling, sanding, painting and staining to continue looking like new, you can get the same exact look with fiberglass windows without all the extra chores. In fact, homeowners with fiberglass windows only need to occasionally clean them with soap and water to keep them looking good.

If you would still like some guidance in finding the ideal replacement windows for your home, then we suggest stopping by Hall’s Window Center where our window experts can assess your specific home needs and point you in the direction of the right windows for your home. Start with one of our free, no pressure, highly informative consultations where all of your questions will be answered. Then, join our experts on our showroom floor where they will introduce you to our quality replacement window options and help you make informed decisions between the models. To get started today, call today at 916-669-1469 or visit us at 11297 White Rock Road, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742.