Most homeowners understand remodeling projects—and dread them for the interruption to their lives. And because window replacement in Sacramento isn’t a process most families schedule as often as they would, say, change carpets or replace major appliances or restore gutters, the installation is often a mystery.

But the surprise is that it’s not as disruptive as you probably imagine.

For instance, this isn’t a dusty job, nor will you live with plastic sheeting covering open spaces in your home, as if you’d broken a car window and duct taped a solution for a few days. Windows are removed and installed in a progression, so you’ll sport a window in your frames at all times.

As for noise, expect some occasionally hammer blows and the sound of power tools in short bursts.

Here’s what you can expect after you select your window style:


Yes, there is a role you have to play before Hall’s crews arrive. Start by removing any ornaments, decorations, or stickers from your current sills and panes. Move any nearby furniture, and if you have shelves with mementos nearby, it’s not a bad idea to relocate anything breakable. These things have a way of vibrating off their surfaces no matter how delicate the crew tries to be.

You’ll want to talk to your Hall’s rep in advance to determine where to stack the old windows temporarily, and look at weather forecasts to determine an optimal time for the appointment. None of us want to deal with muddy conditions if we can avoid that!

You certainly don’t need to be at home on installation day, but we enjoy your company if you do. However, it’s always helpful if you can arrange for a day of fun away from the house for children and pets, whose curiosity don’t always make for safe conditions for them or our installers. And if you work from home, be sure to have us tackle your office windows first so that you can make the most of the 9-5 hours with your own clients.

Welcoming us to your home

It goes without saying that you can expect our team to arrive on time, introduce themselves, use tarps and drop cloths and clean up after the job is done, including broom sweeping hard surfaces.

You’ll want to check the labels on the window orders to verify this is the right delivery. It’s a good idea to save your window warranty information and individual window labels (like the NFRC label) in a secure drawer or other location where you can find them in the future. And then stay on hand as a resource for the foreman, but the installers are professionals, so you won’t need to supervise each step. By the end of the day, you can expect to have as many as 10 new windows in place. Once all windows on your order have been swapped out, the team will tackle installing exterior trim on your windows. Most jobs are completed at the end of day two.

So, now that you have a better vision of what will happen, stop by Hall’s Window Center to discuss bringing this picture to life at your residence.