You’ve heard it said that new windows add to a home’s comfort. It’s easy to assume why on first glance. After all, most of us are far more at ease in our homes when we aren’t evading hot and cold spots throughout—and the energy bills to match!

Today’s windows bring a lot of technology solutions to your home’s temperature control. It starts with low-E coated glass, which features a film on the inside to protect from moisture build-up. This move alone has proven in tests to be 45 percent more efficient during the winter than ordinary dual pane glass, and can save you as much as 25 percent on your energy bills depending on your climate. Composite frames then boast insulating properties of wood. And argon gas between panes really turns a window into an insulating feature by preventing outside temperatures penetrating to undo your indoor settings.

It adds up to a far more efficient answer than fleece blankets in the winter and running ceiling fans while chugging gallons of ice tea in the summer.

But windows’ contributions to your peace don’t stop there. Windows are also your go-to feature for:

  • Soundproofing. The same insulation properties that keep the temperatures even absorb outside noise, keeping you cocooned in a restful environment. After all, we all enjoy a well-manicured neighborhood, but few of us want the sound of the lawn mower or the dog next door to drown out the Giants game.
  • Décor. You’ve chosen your property carefully. Now frame it perfectly with a picture window! It’s an excellent way to make a space feel larger—and far less expensive than actually building on to your home.
  • Health. New windows open and close with ease, bringing in a fresh breeze. Scientists say clean, fresh air circulation promotes clearer thinking and better breathing.
  • Mood. Décor and paint colors may reflect your personality, but few things start your day off right like a ray of sunshine. Big, open windows transform those darker, drearier corners of your house. Nearly everything looks better in natural light.

And the benefits don’t stop there. What you can see through the window is as important as the sun itself. For instance, environmental psychologists are discovering that views of natural settings improve focus. Similar studies claim that children with ADD are more focused after being able to observe green space.

And from VIA Architecture, the firm behind many West Coast commercial projects:

  • Adequate sunlight improves students’ grades.
  • When exposed to more sunlight, retirement home residents have less “cognitive decline” (+ have overall improved brain function).
  • Lighting in your home that transitions from day to night will help you not only to stay awake but also to sleep at night.

Sounds comfortable to us! To explore how the right windows in Sacramento can improve your life, stop by Hall’s Window Center today.