The world has changed since the last time you hung a door, and that’s a good thing.

Now, instead of settling for your best option, you will find the challenge lies in narrowing down the choices for the best entry door in Sacramento, CA.

That’s because doors have become a bona fide architectural feature throughout homes, making them beautiful as well as functional. Check out these popular door trends!


Doors are a far cry from boring in 2018. Bold paint colors abound—think turquoise, lime green, yellow—especially if the house is a neutral color, according to HGTV. The one color to avoid? Red doors tend to be overdone, designers say. The fresher color is an orange or at least a gold orange.

Sound too daring for your personality? A stark black with a high gloss is still in favor, too, and homeowners in cooler climates tend to choose darker, richer shades of primary colors.


Fashionable front doors fall into two distinctly different approaches, which means there’s something for everyone: ornate/decorative and informal/casual-chic. In the first category, expect to see options such as nail heads, exotic woods and even leather to tickle your imagination.

If your tastes are more laidback, you’ll likely gravitate to a French door treatment or the time-honored Craftsman with simple materials, rich stains and unique glazing patterns. You can jazz them up with an arch, too. And it’s difficult to pass up a glass decorative element these days, particularly when so many options feature this bright feature.

Planning to sell your house soon? Millennial buyers are attracted to fiberglass that mimics a wood appearance, according to reporting by Emily Kay Thompson, the editor at Window & Door.


No doubt your home has a single-panel door somewhere, and the good news is that’s still in style. This classic always blends in with its surroundings, allowing you to focus the room’s mood on whatever you want to convey. But these days, double- and triple-panel doors are readily available as well, and are usually the choice of designers who are working with a space that features intricate details, such as fluted chair rail or crown molding.

Because interior doors are increasingly used to define space, open floor plans are starting to lean toward bi-fold, double pocket and barn doors to divide a room when needed or keep it open. As an added perk, barn-type doors with sliding mounting tracks come in a variety of materials to spark your imagination. We’re talking vintage wood, chalkboard panels, even paneled zinc. Consider them as doing double duty: function and artwork within your home.

And, finally, don’t assume glass is just for windows and entryways. Many homeowners are discovering the beauty of opening up their entire homes via glass doors between rooms as well. In fact, pocket doors with glass openings are finding a lot of interest in 2018.

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