If you’ve spent some time shopping for new windows for your Sacramento home, chances are you’ve become familiar with some of the various materials currently on the market. The material of your window plays a major role in its quality and how it will benefit your home. The right window material can help protect your home, save you money on monthly bills, and even reduce the noise level in your home. Among the choices currently on the market, there are two popular materials that homeowners often find themselves feeling torn between. That’s why we created a short buyers guide to help you choose the best material for your home.


Vinyl: Vinyl windows were originally introduced in the 1970s, and for decades were only available in the color white. Since then there have been some variations produced in different colors and style, however due to the windows materials they are not easily modified.

Fiberglass: One core reason why so many homeowners love fiberglass windows is their remarkable resemblance to traditional wooden windows. Wooden windows come in a number of styles, tones, and species, unfortunately, their aesthetic appeal comes with frequent maintenance and repairs. Fiberglass windows allow homeowners to obtain the same look without the excess upkeep.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl: Vinyl windows come with features that increase a home’s energy efficient capabilities, Unfortunately, some of these features can turn into long term problems. Vinyl windows expand and contract up to 8x more than the glass of a window, which can easily lead to air gaps, seal failures, and other window damage.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass also expands and contracts, however, the expansion rate matches that of the glass, preventing sealing failure and the appearance of condensation between the glass.


Vinyl: When it comes to strength and durability, vinyl windows leave something to be desired. Vinyl frames have the tendency to soften, bow, twist, and warp as heat builds within the frame. Also, while their flexibility can be considered an asset it’s also the primary reason why the windows tend to sag over time.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass frames are one of the most durable materials on the market, and are over eight times stronger than vinyl windows, lasting an estimated 38% longer, which saves you money on purchasing additional replacement windows.

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