Yes, Hall’s Window Center is proud to go on the record: new windows make a home safer for children.  

Parents, we can’t be two steps ahead of the kids every second of the day, and most of us at Hall’s are happy to share stories of those times when that was all too true. Which is why adults pre-plan their environments to mitigate those wild and crazy ideas, mistakes and accidents children attract like little magnets.   

Here are four ways you can be the transparent superhero in your home before villains can strike:  

Remove the hidden threats. Blinds, cords and drapes pose a choking hazard. Young children have been strangled when these cords get wrapped around their heads and neck and they cannot free themselves. Windows with valance-patterned panes and UV-block glazing lend themselves to newer treatments such as Roman shades mounted from the ceiling. You could also choose architectural styles like arches or jalousie, or add grilles to a standard casement or double hung and skip the window dressing altogether. As a bonus, your house will feel much lighter and brighter, too.  

child-friendly windows

Sound the alarm. Children can—and do!—sneak in and out of windows. It’s possible some of us have firsthand knowledge of this phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean you are doomed to repeat it from an adult perspective. Hall’s is happy to discuss adding window guards or an alarm system to replacement windows to alert you when small fry try to open any window. It’s also an added protection against vandalism and breaking and entering attempts you can’t predict from the outside world.  

Open windows out of reach. You like a cross breeze. Your house needs that fresh air scent. But screens aren’t the strongest safety net against, say, a 50-pound flailing mass of child whose brother just shoved him in the World War of the Xbox Controller IX. Hall’s is happy to introduce you to awning windows. Or we can show you how to use today’s tilt-in cleaning features at the top of a double hung window to function as air circulation—and prevent sibling rivalry from becoming a trip to the hospital. That’s a good day from start to finish.   

Clear the deck for emergencies: Every family should walk its members through an escape plan so that children (and parents!) know exactly what to do in case of fire or other emergency. But in the heat of the moment, it’s difficult to stay calm when windows don’t open the way you talked about. New newer the window, the more technology like self-lubricating rollers and force balance systems is at work behind the scenes to ensure it glides open and closed easily.   

Feel free to bring in your emergency plan to Hall’s as well. We’ll advise you on how to customize any escape route windows to avoid tinting that makes it harder to see into the room, thus making it difficult for rescue workers to tell if someone is still inside your home.  

Drop into Hall’s Window Center today and let us help you find the windows that help protect your most precious assets!