If you are looking around your Rocklin home and trying to determine whether or not to replace the windows or doors, you may be looking at them and thinking they don’t look as bad as they are.

One of the common reasons for this is that the moment Rocklin homeowners, as well as anyone else throughout the country, begin to look into replacement windows, they begin to realize that it is a significant expense.

The amount of money that new windows costs can be eye-opening for some homeowners. They get an idea about how much it will cost when they visit a store and then go home and reassess the actual condition of their windows. They don’t take into consideration other factors that could be important in determining the value that these replacement windows would bring to the home.

In other words, they may tend to gloss over some seemingly minor issues, or decide that they could deal with the current condition of their windows rather than making the investment and having them replaced.

The average Rocklin home will have about 14 main windows to replace. When you take that number of windows and you multiply it by the average cost of a brand-new, even low quality window at $200 per window, it is easy to see that this becomes a significant investment.

Sometimes it is a good idea to see just why replacement windows matter. The top three reasons why replacement windows and doors are important for any Rocklin home are listed below.

  1. New Windows Provide more Comfort.

Comfort. When you are in your home, you deserve to be comfortable. For most people throughout the world, their house is their most significant investment. It is the most significant investment you will likely ever make in your life. If you are not comfortable living in your home, if you feel that it could be improved, then it can raise the question about why you are making such an investment.

Windows are considered the gateway to the soul of your home. It is similar to how people view the eyes of a person. Your windows connect you to the outside world. If your windows are in poor condition, if they are cracked, if they are dirty, or if they don’t function properly, then odds are you are going to cover them up.

This means you may keep the blinds closed or have the curtains drawn over them. You may only open them on certain days when you’re going to be home for a significant portion of the day.

With new windows, you can even increase privacy so that you can have your windows open and still feel as though you are protected from prying eyes outside. If you have neighbors in close proximity, it can make opening your windows more uncomfortable. Yet if you have a beautiful view of the landscape beyond some of your windows, and you keep the drapes closed because of the condition of those windows, you could be missing out on a valuable aspect of the comfort of your home.

  1. Replacement Windows Improve Efficiency.

While we in Rocklin don’t need to worry as much about energy efficiency is other regions of the country, it is still something to think about. The temperatures during winter can get well below freezing from time to time. The summers can become hot and humid as well.

The more energy efficient your windows are, the more it will help you save money on your heating and cooling expenses throughout the year. In fact, more than 40% of your home’s heat is lost through the windows of your home. You can increase the energy efficiency of your home by up to 80% or 90%, depending on the type of windows that you choose.

When your replacement windows are highly energy efficient, you are going to save money every month that you would be running heating system or cooling system throughout the year. Multiply that times the average life expectancy for your windows, which stands at around 15 to 20 years, and you can figure out how much money you will save over the life of these replacement windows.

  1. The Right Replacement Windows Can Increase Overall Home Value.

If you are looking for ways to increase your home’s assessed value, there are a few projects that can make a difference. Replacing the windows and even the front door is one of them.

Most people think about kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, adding outdoor living space, or improving the landscaping and curb appeal of the home to be some of the most important assets when trying to increase its value. The condition of the roof is certainly going to be a factor as well, but the condition of the windows as well as the front door will have an impact.

These factors are important to the value of the home because when a potential buyer sees brand new windows installed, and those windows are high quality, it is going to make the entire house seem newer and more well-built. If you have expansive views beyond the windows in one or two rooms in your house, maximize the impact by installing much larger and more open windows.

For example, having a large picture window framed by double hung windows or even topped by a casement window to allow air to move into the room can significantly change the appearance of that room.

Add into that the fact that energy efficiency is more appealing to many homebuyers, so when you replace your windows with highly energy efficient ones, you are tapping into two important aspects with regard to home value: aesthetic appeal and cost savings for the potential homebuyer over many years.

If you need more reasons to consider replacement windows or doors for your Rocklin home, visit Hall’s Window Center today and ask any and all questions you may have about your current windows or what is available to replace them with. You can also book a free in-home consultation by calling (916) 669-1469.