The home building and home improvement market is back. The Recession is over. And through the recession, many manufacturing and service companies folded due to poor customer service or poor products – or both.  Hall’s Window Center is still here and they’re thriving, offering the best in full-service window, door and siding replacement installation services.  Because the market is growing again, demand is high. But just as before there must be a focus on working with premier manufacturers and retailers. As a homeowner, when it comes to buying a window or door, you’re not just purchasing a window and door, you’re hiring a contractor for their installation service.  Hall’s executes on the full-service mission of supplying, installing and maintaining doors and windows. And in doing so, Hall’s is a market leader with a long and proud public history of customer satisfaction.

Once again, the window and door business is service intensive and you need the premier service of Hall’s. But just how good is Hall’s? Review their customer feedback! Hall’s is a first-mover in posting customer reviews to the website. In those reviews you’ll see Hall’s commitment to service and transparency. Currently there are 478 ratings listed on their site with a 4.7 average rating out of 5 stars in customer satisfaction!  You can scroll through Hall’s feedback to see years of dedicated service rewarded in public appreciation. Take for example some of these great quotes:


“Hall’s Window Center goes beyond just the job. They are friendly and professional. It’s very helpful when they put the furniture and coverings back the way they’re supposed to be. I’ve been very pleased and I’ve used Hall’s Window Center for all of my windows.”

– Jean N. of Sacramento, CA


“I’ve never had a contractor as professional and easy to work with as Hall’s Window Center.  Everything went smoothly and the quality of the work and windows was excellent.”

– Ellie S. of Sacramento, CA


 “We found everything from the purchase to the installation outstanding. There was a slight dent in a frame and they came back and replaced that piece with no questions very promptly. We are shortly going to do another project and will be hiring them.”

– Keith M. of Carmichael, CA


The fact the owner became personally and positively involved and publishes his cell phone (and answers it) on their website was HUGE to me.

– Review by Scott T. of Sacramento, CA


Did you notice how many mention return business, another point of pride for Hall’s? And these are just some of the more recent posts! These reviews demonstrate both transparency and the exceptional quality of Hall’s products and services they stand so proudly and publicly behind. Consumers notice the quality. They appreciate and reward it with satisfied customer responses.

In the window and door business there is a major need for service. Not only does Hall’s dominate service, they have the confidence to let their customers leave reviews on their site and prove it. Challenge Hall’s to deliver great service to you!