When we last left them, our couple was having a rough time with their new door.  Actually, the door wasn’t so new anymore. They bought it at a “steal of deal”—6 months earlier.  As you may recall, DIY delivery of their door proved a bit exhausting—not to mention costly—despite the stylish utility of that snazzy sports rack on their shiny new SUV. They lugged the heavy deadweight of the door home, scratching that new SUV on the way. He called about fixing the scratch—$800!

Needless to say, the new door project—now referred to as the “$%^#@ DOOR!” with progressively greater frequency—hasn’t proved to be as easy as our couple thought, but the only alternative seemed to be high-priced contractor installation. The people at the steal-of-a-deal-door store provided little help. They could have paid extra for installation, but they would have still needed to purchase a handful of the necessary supplies and the only contractor was booked for weeks. Could doing the installation on their own really stand as their only affordable and time efficient option?

Frustrated, they go out shopping for the supplies they need to finish the install, only to find that many of these supplies are in fact not as easy to procure as they thought. After several stops at several hardware stores, they find that many items are frequently out of stock; or they discover that suppliers don’t carry the exact models and types of supplies the couple needs.  Even more frustrating, they find most of the customer-service “specialists” painfully uninformed. Finally, they are left with little choice other than to try ordering the remaining items they need from online stores.

Of course, as they navigate hardware websites, they find even less help. Customer- service phone lines are bogged down and email inquires go totally unanswered. Ready to give up, they suddenly come across an advertisement for Hall’s Windows Center’s “Full Service Home Installation.” To a weary and slightly defeated couple, “full service” anything sounds like a dream-come true! They follow the link to the website and are met with an immediately friendly and helpful interface— a far cry from their current retail experience. Even online, Hall’s is more personable than the so-called “help” found in hardware stores. Hall’s outlines their products and services clearly and offers a host of contact options as well.

Venturing a bit further into the Halls website, our couple soon discovers that Halls compliments their unrivaled customer service with an impressively comprehensive showcase of beautiful doors!—high-quality lines that incorporate energy-efficient designs inspired by a broad spectrum of traditional and contemporary styles, all conceived and crafted by industry-leading manufacturers like Marvin, Andersen, and Jeld-Wen.

After some time browsing through the Halls’ site, the couple soon begins to realize the full stakes at play in selecting a door for their home. The process of selecting a door goes far beyond the simple act of making a purchase. Doors represent long-term investments—art pieces designed and crafted to enhance the experience everyday life on unseen yet crucially important levels. Doors at once invite and prohibit; they say “welcome” and “keep out.” In other words, doors organize relationships and influence how we relate to the world beyond the walls of our home.  And in the process, doors answer fundamental human needs for security, autonomy, independence, and privacy.

Given the stakes, choosing the right door involves carefully considering a broad spectrum of important details: From design and build quality, to customer service and professional installation.  Needless to say, the couple soon gets wise to their misled, early enthusiasm for bargain doors. Beyond the sham appeal of an apparently low price, what initially seemed like a “steal-of-a-deal” buy amounted to little more than a costly, hard-won lesson in the long-term value of working with a truly high-quality door vendor like Halls.

Halls offers more than a venue for purchasing doors and windows—much, much more than a store, Halls provides customers with a full-service information and resource center for expert insight into the full spectrum of factors critical to making a well-informed investment in a home door.  Beyond all else, Halls’ remains committed to providing our clients with a truly satisfactory, meaningful, and in fact memorable customer service experience.

Needless to say, having pulled themselves out from the money pit of a sham bargain, our couple decides to cut their losses and scrap that “steal of a deal” door.  They then make direct calls to head-Halls-executives Jim and Mario—after all, both of them provide their personal numbers on the company website!  (What???) And with one call, our couple has opened the door and crossed the threshold to door perfection.

When it to comes making a truly meaningful investment in a home door, you want to get it more than right. With over 40 years of experience and an extensive, 5-star track record for customer service that borders on mind-boggling heights of feedback perfection, Hall’s simply has no equal.  Now if they could only fix that unfortunate dent in the SUV…