Your front door is much—so much—more than a door: At once entry and barrier, your front door both grants and guards against entry.  As the focal point of the home, it says to those outside, “Welcome.”  It says, “This home is loved.” And it says, “This home is protected.” A front door is the most prominent feature of a home’s exterior and communicates the personality and aesthetic of those inside. It says all of these things and does so through the simplest terms of construction and design. Those elements typically require some of the costliest resources of time and materials of any feature in the home and that translates to overall cost.

Door construction is often done by hand, incorporating unique custom features that express the individual character of the lives guarded within. Wood is overwhelmingly the building material of choice as its natural color, grain and type offers immediate design appeal and instinctively suggests the durability of trees and their ability to endure weather, force, and time. The sturdiness of door construction, however, leads to prohibitive cost.  As a result, doors, like dentistry or car repair, will often assume a place among those necessary improvement that nevertheless sit at the bottom of the list of budget priorities for households.

In response, JELD-WEN has manufactured a line of doors that, for homeowners, open on a broad selection of new options. Using a patented manufacturing process, they have designed doors with the same artisan appeal of wooden doors while taking advantage of all of the improvements that only technology can offer. Real wood doors will warp, rot or swell over time and require constant maintenance in refinishing and reinforcement. But custom fiberglass doors have none of these disadvantages in both humid or cold settings and cost far less than wood.

Until now wood doors have been a tradition for home exteriors. Jeld-wen Aurora Custom Fiberglass has now made it possible for you to purchase the door of your dreams at a fraction of the cost of wood but without sacrificing any of the quality and appeal. In fact, custom fiberglass makes it possible for you to have the identical look of wood while improving door strength, durability and functionality. There’s no longer any reason to delay in adding that singular touch that says everything you want in a first impression, above all home.