Traditional vinyl siding simply doesn’t hold up anymore – not against inclement weather or energy- efficiency standards, or even our evolving taste in home design, which today, reflects our desire for greener modes of living. In fact, when it comes to severe weather resistance, quality and design– nothing holds up to James Hardie siding.

“One of the reasons James Hardie products are ‘green’ is because they incorporate natural ingredients that are low in toxicity. And, they last longer than other products,” says Peter Pfeiffer, of Barley-Pfeiffer Architects, because they are engineered to beautifully withstand a host of natural elements.

James Hardie products comprise of fiber-cement that is better suited to withstand harsh weather conditions than wood. Non-combustible and five times thicker than the leading vinyl siding, James Hardie siding is rot-resistant, impervious to termites, and refuses to buckle in face of heat, rain, hail, snow, and sun – making it the number one choice among homeowners who live in coastal homes, prone frequent flooding and canyon homes which witness perennial wild fires.

As a premier window, door, and siding provider based in Northern California, Hall’s Window Center understands the importance of a durable material that can withstand perpetually harsh weather conditions. Since 1976, the combination of Hall’s premiere customer service, partnered with a nationally recognized line of James Hardie products (for instance, Coastal Living), has met customer applause!

Our customers know that when you choose a James Hardie product through Hall’s Window Center, you get two winning teams for the price of one.  After all, a company can have a great story, a great product, and a great price, but without great service, none of it matters. Hall’s stands above the rest in service with a 10-Year Service Guarantee, in-house company-trained installers as opposed to sub-contractors, and a dedicated Project Coordinator whose only job is facilitating your project from start to finish. Likewise, James Hardie’s products have been revered for decades as a superior option to traditional vinyl siding.

“This (James Hardie siding) is a sustainable and marvelous substitute for wood. It’s pre-colored and the finish truly looks like high grade wood siding. I’ve used this product line for years, and have been delighted with the results. It’s the only product I will consider substituting for wood, and in many climates it’s significantly preferable because of its stability,” says Sarah Susanka, FAIA Architect.

Sarah, too, knows her stuff.  When it comes to investing in your home, you don’t want the cheapest option. You want an option that will stand the test of time – time and time, again. You also want a company that can provide for all your service needs every step of the way: from product selection to installation. You want to check out the James Hardie product line available at Hall’s Window Center, don’t’ you?