Shopping for new patio doors for your Sacramento home is fun and exciting. Patio doors are the perfect way to update the look of both your exterior and interior spaces. However, for many homeowners, the process of finding the right patio doors can be overwhelming as a result of too many options. We want the buying process to be easy so we’ve collected some of our favorite industry insider tips to help ensure you bring home patio doors you’ll love for years to come.

Consider Your Outdoor Spaces

There are a number of beautiful patio door styles currently on the market, but before you rip out a page from your favorite design magazine to bring it into the store, consider the personal needs of your home. Spend time in your outdoor spaces and look around. Is there any plant life or landscaping items you wouldn’t want to bother? How about a path way? How much space do you want or need for patio furniture? These answers will give you a better idea of the types of patio door styles that work for you.

What’s Your Home Life Like?

It’s important to take a realistic account of how your home life currently operates to best determine which style of patio doors is suited for your home. Consider family members like small children and pets and what may be best for them in terms of safety. Also stop and think about outdoor entertaining or how often you eat outside. Will you need a wider doorway space to allow guests to easily move from inside to outside? Or will you need an option that easily opens even when your hands are filled with plates? Asking these questions now will improve your overall satisfaction with your patio doors as they function in your home.

What’s Your Home Like?

It’s important, too, to take your home’s personality into consideration when selecting patio doors. Is your home well suited to French doors, or would sliders be a better fit? Do you prefer a single, hinged door to gain access to the great outdoors? Does your home face east or west? Would it benefit from patio doors that have an energy-efficiency component, such as Andersen’s High-PerformanceTM Low E-4TM glass for increased efficiency? Is a custom size required to fit a pre-existing opening without changing the style and design of your home?

How Much Time and Money are You Willing to Invest?

When it comes to finances, many homeowners consider the short-term expense of their patio doors (the actual price tag of the door), but not the long-term cost. Like windows and other doors in your home, your patio doors will eventually need repairs, upkeep and maintenance. However, some patio door manufacturers – such as Andersen® – offer products with low-maintenance exteriors for this very reason. Knowing ahead of time how much time and money you are willing to invest in these services will help you better determine which patio door material is the best fit for you.

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