So you’ve decided that fiberglass composite windows are the right choice for your home…smart choice! Fiberglass windows come with a number of benefits including stunning designs, energy efficiency, and long lasting durability. Still, to receive the most out of your fiberglass composite window purchase, it’s important to know which models are high quality and which are not. After all, not all windows are created equal, but with some helpful tips you can ensure that you’ll love your new fiberglass composite windows for years to come. Here are some of our favorite industry insider tips.

#1 Always Check the Label
Like when you go food shopping, while shopping for fiberglass composite windows, it’s important to check the labels! Why? Because two fiberglass composite windows can look exactly the same to the naked eye, but one could hold far more features than the other. The only way to do a true comparison is to review the labels side-by-side. The labels will tell you information like the U-factor of a window and whether or not it is ENERGY STAR rated. Remember, the U-factor is designed to tell you how well a window will insulate your home, the lower the number, the better its insulating qualities.

#2 Consider Your Surroundings
Fiberglass composite windows come in a wide variety of styles and it can be easy to get swept up in all the fun. However, it’s important to take careful note of your surrounding areas. Consider any outdoor furniture, pathways, or plant life that could be obstructed if you chose a window that opens in an outer fashion. Knowing your limitations will help you choose a model that suits your home’s needs.

#3 Don’t Be Fooled By the Price Tag
If you’re shopping for a new luxury car or a nice piece of jewelry, then a high price tag is likely an indicator of quality. However, when it comes to fiberglass composite windows, there are a number of reasons why a model may hold a higher price tag, like aesthetics or a current industry trend. That doesn’t mean there aren’t more affordable options that are just as functional. Again, always read the label.

#4 Know What You Want
These days, fiberglass composite windows come with a wide variety of feature options so it’s important to know what’s important to you. Are you looking to increase airflow in your home? Save money on monthly bills? Or even update the look of your home? By knowing what you want ahead of time it will be easier to add features that fit your specific needs.

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