Many homeowners prefer older homes to new for a variety of reasons: Often the craftsmanship is better, the wood trim and floors have the rich patina of age, architectural windows and other detailing give the home character, and the structure may just feel more solid and settled.

Yet, historic homes often require restoration, including the replacement of aged or inefficient features—windows, for instance.  The demands of modern energy efficiency and security standards often lead owners of older building to consider replacement windows.

But when it comes time to make changes, older houses can present new challenges for homeowners who haven’t braced themselves for the challenges involved.  Restoration inevitably requires the approval of a historic-home or -landmark commission, a process that can add months to your project.

The placement and relationship of windows are often critical parts of the style of a building. Historic Preservation Departments set up critical guidelines designed to accommodate replacement windows in a manner that respects the original character of historic properties.  These are admirable goals.  However, the challenges of approval can turn what appears to be a simple project into a labyrinth of bureaucratic delays–unless, of course, you have the right help and guidance.

Hall’s Windows Center holds years of experience working with commissions assigned to the inspection and approval of window replacements in historic homes. Mario Grandinetti, Direct of Marketing at Hall’s Window Center, explain the challenges:


Having to navigate through the Historical Preservation department in addition to the building department can throw up some unwanted road blocks.  On occasion, one department doesn’t agree with the other.  Having our team of experts helps move the process forward.  These experts also helps avoid delays by completing the paperwork required to replace windows in old historic properties.


When installing replacement windows for an historic home, service matters every bit as much as a quality product: You need seasoned experts familiar with the approval process.

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