If you’ve spent some time shopping for new windows for your Sacramento home, then you’ve likely noticed the wide variety of window materials currently on the market. The most popular options available are vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. While each carry their own set of benefits and disadvantages, some clearly take the lead when it comes to quality and efficiency. This is certainly the case when it comes to fiberglass composite and vinyl windows, two windows that have quickly grown to become the most widely purchased materials on the market. Let’s spend a little time comparing these two popular window materials to help you better determine which is the stronger choice for your home.

Fiberglass Composite Windows: When fiberglass composite windows first hit the market, they certainly turned heads for their remarkable similarity to wood windows. As technology has become more enhanced and manufacturers have come up with new techniques, the window material is now virtually indistinguishable from wood. In fact, homeowners can even find fiberglass composite windows in a wide variety of tones and “species” that perfectly imitate the natural look and feel of wood windows.

Vinyl Windows: There are many things vinyl windows are known for, unfortunately, aesthetic appeal typically isn’t one of them. It was only recently that vinyl windows could be purchased in a color other than white, and even now, the style options are limited.

Energy Efficiency
Fiberglass Composite Windows: Fiberglass windows have grown quite the reputation for being the most energy efficient window material on the market. In addition to strong energy efficient features (like double and triple pane glass and weather resistant frames), fiberglass composite windows expand at a rate equal to their glass to enhance insulation without creating any additional damage.

Vinyl Windows: Vinyl windows have also become a name in the energy efficient window area, but some of their features may actually cause long-term damage. For example, while vinyl windows also expand to better insulate a home, they expand at a rate up to 4x’s greater than their glass, significantly decreasing the lifespan of the windows.

Fiberglass Composite Windows: Fiberglass windows are one of the most durable window materials you can purchase for your home, with a lifespan up to 8x’s that of vinyl windows.

Vinyl Windows: While vinyl windows may have some features that help extend their lifespan, you’ll likely find yourself shopping for replacement windows sooner than you anticipated.

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