Shopping for new fiberglass composite windows can be a fun and exciting time.  Fiberglass composite windows are the perfect way to add comfort, energy efficiency, and style to any home. Unfortunately, as with all good things, there tends to be a good deal of false information surrounding this popular material. While most of it comes from those who mean well, following such advice can greatly decrease the quality of window you end up with. To help you separate fact from fiction, we’ve created a short list of common myths about fiberglass composite windows.

Myth #1: Fiberglass Composite Windows are Too Expensive
One of the most common myths surrounding fiberglass composite windows is that they come with an outlandish price tag. However, this is far from reality. This belief comes as a result of homeowners shopping for fiberglass composite windows with companies that don’t carry them. That means the windows have to be imported in and homeowners have to pay extra for the shipping costs that go along with such a purchase.

Myth #2: Vinyl Windows are More Energy Efficient Than Fiberglass Composite Windows
Vinyl windows have a number of energy efficient features. Unfortunately, some of these features can result in the opposite effect. Since vinyl windows expand up to eight times more than the windows’ glass, gaps and drafts tend to form. While fiberglass composite windows also expand, this expansion isn’t at a rate that creates any issues with insulation.

Myth #3: Fiberglass Composite Windows Don’t Look Like Wood
If you’re considering low quality fiberglass composite windows, then it’s possible you might notice a difference in the aesthetic appeal of the two materials. However, if you are considering a high quality material, like Infinity by Marvin, you’ll find it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between the look and feel of natural wood and that of fiberglass composite windows.

Myth #4: Fiberglass Composite Windows Don’t Last Long
One of the best benefits of fiberglass composite windows is their extended lifespan. Many people fall for the misconception that vinyl windows last longer than fiberglass. However, in reality, fiberglass composite windows last our times longer than vinyl windows. That means you save four times as much on replacement window costs!

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