While shopping for new windows for your Davis home, chances are you’ve heard about fiberglass windows and their many benefits. Fiberglass originally made a splash on the market for their remarkable aesthetic similarity to wooden windows. Since then, fiberglass windows have rapidly grown to become one of the most widely purchased window materials in the country. Still, fanfare and an intriguing back story may not be enough to convince you that fiberglass windows are the right choice for your home, so we’ve put together a short list of important benefits that come from choosing this popular material.

Fiberglass Windows Make Your Home Greener
In California, we take pride in our green initiatives and efforts to help the environment. Which is why we love fiberglass windows. Thanks to fiberglass windows many energy efficient features include; double and triple pane glass and strong, durable weather resistant frames. Fiberglass windows properly insulate homes and reduce the amount of energy that needs to be used. In addition to this, fiberglass windows are made from a man-made material that does not require the use of our beautiful trees.

Fiberglass Windows Help You Save and Earn More Money
The environment isn’t the only thing green when it comes to fiberglass windows. With fiberglass windows installed in your home, you can save money in a number of areas including monthly energy bills, maintenance services, upkeep costs, and replacement costs. You can even earn more money when it’s time to resell your home.

Fiberglass Windows Help Restore Peace and Quiet
If you’re tired of the sound of construction work or rush hour traffic, fiberglass windows may be the right choice for you. Thanks to the double and triple pane glass that comes standard with fiberglass windows, you can greatly reduce the amount of exterior noise that enters your home, allowing you to finally enjoy some peace and quiet.

Fiberglass Windows Better Protect Your Home
The same double and triple pane glass that reduces noise also helps protect your home. Studies have found the thicker a window’s glass, the less vulnerable a home will be to break-ins. fiberglass windows strong weather resistance also reduces the amount of weather damage that occurs within the frame, keeping them strong and difficult to maneuver from the outside.

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