Making decisions about new windows isn’t always easy, particularly when you have questions about the kinds of materials you should use. It isn’t only about the glass. The frames matter, too. If you are looking into window replacement in or near Davis, CA, rest assured there are a variety of solutions when it comes to the kind of window you may prefer. One of those options is fiberglass, itself often compared to the cheaper vinyl alternative. Fiberglass often costs up to 30 percent more than vinyl windows, so many wonder if the additional investment is really worth it. Given the every extent to which new windows represent a fairly significant expenditure one way or the other, this is a decision you understandably want to get right. A few facts may help you do so.  

First, fiberglass windows are certainly stronger than their vinyl cousins. That means they are less likely to warp and a more likely to last for a very long period of time. As Lee Wallender recently explained for The Spruce, “For fiberglass windows, polyester resins are activated by a catalyst and then pultruded, or pulled, through a heated die. Strands of glass or glass mats are impregnated with resins. The finished product is called a lineal and it is machinable and can be shaped. Fiberglass has long been used to create ultra-strong, lightweight materials for skis, surfboards, and canoes.”  

Put more simply, these things are built to last. That is really saying something given that the vinyl alternative can itself last you for up to 20 to 30 years. Fiberglass windows can last even longer. When compared to wood windows, they are especially impressive. Fiberglass windows don’t need to be constantly maintained, and they aren’t particularly susceptible to the same kinds of damage (moisture, insects) that may affect wood windows. If you are interested in getting new windows and forgetting about them, fiberglass is probably the way to go. They may cost you a bit more in the near term, but they are less likely to remain extremely costly over time.  

As an aesthetic matter, fiberglass windows can be painted any color you wish, and they can certainly look quite a bit like wood. When compared to vinyl (which can sometimes look a bit more like plastic), some view this as a nice advantage. To be sure, vinyl and wood windows still make a great many customers happy. And as a general rule, newer windows are almost always better than what you have at the moment—particularly if you have a somewhat older home and haven’t replaced your windows in some time. But if you can afford the extra cost, it is certainly worth considering fiberglass windows. You will not be disappointed.  

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