If you’ve spent time shopping for new windows for your Sacramento home, there’s a strong chance you’ve found a wide variety of window materials to choose from. Currently, the most popular window materials on the market are vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. While each comes with its own set of benefits and disadvantages, two have risen to become the most widely purchased materials in the country. Fiberglass composite windows and vinyl windows couldn’t be more different, yet many homeowners find themselves feeling torn between the two. At Hall’s Window we feel there’s no contest, fiberglass windows hold the greatest advantage over vinyl windows. Here we’ll take a closer look at why that’s so.

Fiberglass Windows Look Better
When it comes to aesthetic appeal there’s no material that can compete with fiberglass windows. Quality fiberglass windows are virtually indistinguishable from wooden windows without requiring the same amount of hassle and upkeep. These days, homeowners can find fiberglass windows in a wide variety of “species” and tones, to perfectly mimic the look and feel of authentic wooden windows. Vinyl windows, however, have never been known for their looks. This window material often has a “plastic” appearance, and up until recently could only be purchased in white. While some manufacturers offer custom-ordered vinyl windows, the options are still limited.

Fiberglass Windows are More Energy Efficient
Vinyl windows have earned quite the reputation for their energy efficient features including their ability to expand and contract. Unfortunately, the expansion of vinyl windows can do more harm than good. That’s because vinyl windows expand at a rate 4 times greater than their glass, causing damage that can quickly lead to gaps and drafts. Fortunately, fiberglass windows also expand but at a rate equal to their glass.

Fiberglass Windows Last Longer than Vinyl Windows
One telltale sign of quality windows is long lasting durability. While vinyl and fiberglass both outlast other materials on the market, one significantly outlasts the other. Fiberglass windows help homeowners save time, money, and hassle by holding a longer lifespan than vinyl windows. In fact, quality fiberglass windows like Infinity by Marvin last up to 8 times longer than vinyl windows. That’s a good deal of savings!

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