Too many beautiful historic homes – once considered a crucial part of America’s past and emblems of our cultural heritage– are torn down for reasons as simple as un-affordable upkeep. Homes constructed as recently as fifty years often require expensive remodeling to the ventilation, plumbing and utility systems, plus interior decoration, and upgraded windows to enhance the site’s ‘livability.’

For both advocates of preservation and homeowners looking to restore and maintain historic houses, the answer is to not give up hope! One of the simplest answers to reducing costs throughout an old home is energy efficient windows.

Hall’s Window Center is a staple in California. Since 1976, Hall’s Window Canter has committed itself to customer satisfaction foremost; and secondly, maintaining a large showroom of exceptional replacement windows, doors, and siding. In that time, over 50,000 homeowners have taken advantage of Hall’s workmanship and products with a 97% satisfaction rating on the quality of their materials.

Take Jenny. She has always wanted to live in a historic home, but when she finally finds a place she loves and begins to renovate –problems come crawling out of the woodwork. She immediately realizes that nearly all of the old wood- and steel- framed windows need replacement and the ones that are intact, leak heat, which is driving up her energy bills. Hers is a common scenario.  The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that “the amount of energy lost annually through windows is $35 billon and that the average American household spends $1500 – $2500 every year on energy bills.”  And yet, when it comes to making these corrective changes, the process of sifting through over hundreds of window manufacturers and comparing prices overwhelms Jenny.

As your replacement window partner, Halls Window Center does the intensive research for you.

Not only will Hall’s Window Center use its huge selection of products to help find Jenny an energy -efficient window that looks nearly identical to the old ones – but, Halls will also enlist a gifted installer who knows to keep as much of the original frame and structure intact as possible.

At times, a house is found to be structurally unsound, beyond redemption – but yours doesn’t have to be!

Restoring a house with affordable, energy-efficient installments is one of the most popular and effective means of preservation among historic homeowners. At Hall’s, we replace your windows in a way that preserves the historic look of 100-year-old windows while giving you the benefit of 20th century technology. Don’t trust your historic treasure to just any window replacement company! Put your trust in Hall’s today.