While shopping for new windows for your Sacramento home, it’s important to put careful thought into each choice that’s made. Some choices, like the type of material, will help determine the overall quality of the windows you end up with. While there are a number of window materials to choose from, there are two that continue to lead the pack; fiberglass windows and vinyl windows. Many homeowners get stuck choosing between the two materials, mostly due to a lack of information. To help simplify the process, we’ve created a side-by-side guide comparing the two popular window materials.

Aesthetic Appeal

Vinyl: There are a number of things vinyl windows are good at, unfortunately, looking good isn’t one of them. Since the launch of vinyl windows in the early 70’s, it’s been rare to find the material in color options other than white. Some manufacturers have started to produce the window material in additional colors, but the options are still limited. In addition to few color choices, vinyl windows are difficult to customize so you have to work with what you can find.

Fiberglass: One thing homeowner’s love about fiberglass windows is their aesthetic appeal. Fiberglass windows perfectly imitate the look and feel of fiberglass windows. Depending on the manufacturer, homeowners can often place custom orders to achieve the exact look they are going for.


Vinyl: Vinyl windows were originally made to be a low cost alternative to other window options on the market. Unfortunately, their low cost can be more expensive for homeowners in the long run. Due to their PVC material, vinyl windows don’t offer enough durability to hold long lives. This means homeowners will have to buy replacement windows more often.

Fiberglass: When compared side-by-side, quality fiberglass windows hold a lifespan four times longer than vinyl windows. That’s significant savings when you add it all up. It also means that fiberglass frames have a strength you can rely on.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl: Vinyl windows have earned quite the reputation for their energy efficient qualities. Unfortunately, their method leaves quite a few holes…literally. Vinyl windows expand up to eight times more than the window glass and while this may sound good in theory, in reality, it often leads to gaps that allow your heating and cooling efforts to escape your home.

Fiberglass: While fiberglass may also expand, its rate of expansion isn’t one that causes additional problems. In fact, fiberglass window’s expanding material, thick double or triple pane glass, and solid weather resistance can help save homeowners hundreds of dollars on annual energy expenses.

After you’ve taken a closer look at each option, it’s easy to see which window material takes the lead. However, to get the most for your money, it’s important to go for high quality fiberglass windows that will provide you with the most benefits. At Hall’s Window Center, we only offer our clients top of the line fiberglass windows in Sacramento as part of our dedication to quality customer service. To check out our fiberglass windows today, give us a call at 916-669-1469 or visit our showroom at 11297 White Rock Road, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742.