While shopping for new windows for your Davis home, you’ll find you have a number of important decisions to make. One of these important decisions is the style you feel is best suited for your home. The style of your window will greatly dictate the comfort, energy efficient capabilities, and the amount of security it provides for your home. However, with so many choices available, it’s easy to see how some homeowners can become overwhelmed with options. To move you forward with the project with confidence, we’ve created a short buyer’s guide to help you determine which window style is the best fit for your home.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are one of the most popular styles on the market, so there’s a strong chance you’re already familiar with their look. This popular window style comes in a wide variety of sizes, but works best in homes that have a good amount of height and width to work with. The sashes found on a double hung window operate in an up and down fashion, which makes them a secure option in homes where small children or animals live.

Sliding Windows

Also a popular favorite, sliding windows are an easy-to-function style that suits almost any type of architectural design. These windows perform by having one panel that stays in place while the second panel slides behind it. One of the downsides of this design is that the window never fully opens as one panel is always in place. However, this feature also makes the window more secure.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are one of the few options that do as much for your home’s interior design as it does for its exterior appearance. The design works with 3 to 8 panels being installed at an angle to create a larger view from inside your home. Bay windows work beautifully if you have some extra space to set up a cozy reading nook or even a buffet seating area. The window style is usually undisrupted, allowing visitors to take in their surroundings.

Awning Windows or Casement Windows

Homes with larger, wider spaces available will greatly benefit from the use of awning windows, while those with more height to spare will want to look into having casement windows in Davis, CA installed. Both windows function with the use of a handle that folds down to open or close. Thanks to this easy-to-maneuver mechanism, it’s never been easier to reach or clean windows. They are also easier to open and close in hard-to-reach locations, like over the kitchen sink

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