At those wood windows going to last forever? Should you even be considering wood windows in the event you are looking for new ones? You may be in the market for window replacement in or near Rocklin, CA, and you may be looking for some answers. While nearby professionals can certainly fill you in, there is nothing wrong with doing some initial background research. To that end, what’s the story with wood windows? They aren’t as common as they used to be, but they’re still highly regarded in some circles. Why is that?  

Wood and aluminum windows both became less common in the wake of the Second World War. By the 1960s, vinyl windows became increasingly popular. Now the choice seems to be more complicated than ever, particularly with fiberglass now ranking as a particularly strong and durable option. Is it worth keeping those wood frames? Should you even think about getting new ones?   

Much depends on the kind of look you are going for. Wood windows certainly create a more classic and traditional vibe, which may be more than enough of a selling point for some homeowners. They look good. And yes, you can paint them however you wish. That kind of versatility can be pretty attractive from an aesthetic standpoint. Vinyl windows generally come in a range of colors, but you can’t paint them. If you are keeping score, the look and feel of wood windows may be to their advantage—at least with respect to a certain kind of home (e.g. something that is styled like a craftsman or colonial). Wood windows might not be for every home, particularly if you are going for a more modern look.   

But here’s the other thing. Wood windows require a great deal of maintenance and upkeep. That is not the case with vinyl or fiberglass windows. Wood windows are prone to peeling and flaking. They often must be sanded and treated. The work (and expense) can quickly add up. If you can’t afford to provide your window frames that much attention, it may be time to move on from wood—no matter how good they look. By comparison, wood windows can also be far more expensive than the vinyl alternative. If you’re on a tight budget but want new windows, you may have to consider giving up on wood. Like vinyl windows, the fiberglass option also requires very little maintenance and for a very long time.   

Of course, there is plenty to consider—both in terms of aesthetic and function. You may wish to speak with a designer before making any decisions. And you should certainly consider reaching out to local professionals who deal with these kind of situations frequently.  

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