THEN WE'RE THE WINDOW AND DOOR COMPANY FOR YOU! We are utterly, unashamedly, obsessed with customer satisfaction.
Our only concern is that you're 100% satisfied!
About US
Since 1976 our focus has been and always will be customer service – we just happen to sell windows, doors, and siding. We are a company that listens to our customer’s needs. We provide 3 benefits you won’t find anywhere else in Northern California: best products in our industry, complete in-house start-to-finish workmanship, and a unique guarantee that fully ensures you are a satisfied customer for life. Our promise to you is that you will absolutely LOVE your Hall’s Experience.

We will leave no customer behind!

If you ever feel that we are failing at this promise, we want you to call and tell us. That's why we're giving you our private cell phone numbers because its that important to us.

Times you can call us

  • When we’re eating dinner
  • During our birthday party
  • During our favorite TV show
  • When we’re on vacation
  • At 3 in the morning
Jim’s Cell # 916-296-7226
Mario’s Cell # 916-869-7053
Every one of our window, door, and siding customers receives a survey asking them to rate our company in 12 different critical areas.  The national average rate of return for surveys is 10-15%.  Hall’s Window Center receives surveys at a rate of 63%. The peace-of-mind for you is that Hall’s cannot touch or edit any of them! Our 3rd party survey company publishes all comments, reviews, endorsements, and scores without our interception. Is every one of them perfect? No. However, our clients have told us it’s not how you stumble but how you pick yourself up and consistently strive to improve.

Click the button below to see unabridged, unaltered, and unedited 3rd party reviews.

What our clients are saying:

"The windows were installed beautifully and I am extremely happy with them. The problem wa that my blinds were supposed to be hung as they were but after the i... "
"Ryan Scarr has been extremely helpful and completely professional and honest. I think he went above and beyond to please me. Nora is also wonderful to work with..."

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